Fiona Longmuir

Fiona Longmuir


Fiona is a recent politics graduate, an aspiring funny girl and a lifelong storyteller. Writing in the third person totally freaks her out.

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The Broke Girl’s Guide To London: Fashion’s Night Out | The Escapologist's Daughter

The Broke Girl’s Guide To London: Fashion’s Night O...

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Build-A-Blog Goodies: Skincare

The goody bag, skincare edition.

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The kids are alright: the youth vote in the UK

The kids are alright: the youth vote in the UK : Au...

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Fiona's story

If you read our post last week about Hit Girl, you would have seen that Scottish model Fiona Longmuir has taken on the role to encourage women to take part in Race for Life. Well, we’re pleased to ......

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The First Rule of Feminism: You Don’t Talk About Feminism

What If I'm not a real feminist? What if the Grand High Feminist Council turn around and sneer at my bald legs and made up face? What if I fail the entry exam because I haven’t read How to Be a Woman and instead spend my time watching Don’t Tell...

Open uri20140218 17510 1rzrl0r article By Boobs

When it comes to irritating tv adverts, comparison sites have the market cornered. But when it comes to, the adverts go far beyond annoying and tip into terrifying. I am, of course, talking about the animated breasts.

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One Weird Tip: the evolution of clickbait

We’ve all been there. There you are, aimlessly scrolling your Facebook page, when something catches your eye. There, nestled between a picture of someone’s baby and that status about how everyone is having more fun than you.

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Build-A-Blog Goodies: Miscellany

What's in the box?

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The power of play

The power of play : August 2014 : Contributoria - ...

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No More Mrs Nice Girl: How Young Women Are Taking The Future ...

No More Mrs Nice Girl: How Young Women Are Taking T...

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Moving on Up

I’ve been getting a fair bit of post over the last little while. And as everyone knows, for a student, getting post is pretty much the most awesome and exciting thing that can happen.

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#YesAllWomen: Yes, All Men Should Read It | The Escapologist's Daughter

#YesAllWomen: Yes, All Men Should Read It | The Esc...

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On Christmas Day In The Morning!


Briefly contemplate beating significant other to death after he trips on a pile of parcels and falls into the tree. Remember that it is Christmas Day and discard murderous thoughts.

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Us Students Are In For A Shock

We don't want to start at the top of the ladder. Please, for the love of god, just let us get on...

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Wooden Spoons Are For Scones, Not For Scotland

Let's take that wooden spoon and make some victory scones!